Holistic Health Coaching



My experience

I am a product of Holistic Health Coaching. I’ve been involved in various sports most of my life, but the real change came when I started focusing on growing my mindset. Learning to learn, and focusing on collecting valuables habits accelerated my growth. The lessons learned here can be applied to every domain: nutrition, exercise, engineering, relationships. 

I decided to apply them to improving my health and fitness, and the result of this approach is Holistic Health Coaching. 

Being healthy, feeling good, being flexible, able to do every sport I love, eat balanced, eat great food and burn fat. I realize good health and performance enhances my life and those around me, and I realized that I am in the privileged position to assist people in attaining their version of health.

My mindset

I feel strongly about the fact that the global leading causes of death are preventable by lifestyle changes. Not only that, but I believe people should push further than the neutral point, and actively pursue a healthy lifestyle. Health Coaching is a young profession, and I take responsibility to uphold the current and developing standards.

I completed practice-proven courses in Nutrition (Precision Nutrition) and Exercise (ISSA). Currently I am undergoing a Wellness Coaching course (A Wellness Revolution, ICF and NBHWC certified) and incorporate techniques from practice-proven techniques in strength and mobility and mindset. Coaching is an eternal path of learning.

My vision

“I foresee a world where most people know how to find balance in body and mind in the modern world. People are more than ever focused on finding tools that balance work, health and play. I am excited to contribute to this by providing sustainable and long-term habits and thought-provoking changes in mindset that lead to a more fulfilling life.

What am I currently up to?

What am I currently up ?

Coaching: Following coaching course: A Wellness Revolution
Mindfulness: Following course on unifiedmindfullness.com
Calisthenics: Handstand
Flexibility: Full weighted split
Reading: Superforecasting – Philip Tetlock



Certification ID: 3908037